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Tax Levy Information

Tax Levy Explanation

The District's annual tax levy is approved by the School Board in late October, and then certified to all municipalities in early November.  The District levies for general operations and referendum debt service. It has also levied for non-referendum debt service and community service operations in the past.

Fund 10 Operational Levy

Wisconsin Act 16 established "Revenue Limits" for Wisconsin school districts, beginning with the 1993-94 school year.  This legislation established a format for determining the maximum additional revenue a district may receive in state equalization aid, business computer aid and property taxes, with a few permissible exceptions, for Funds 10, 38, 41 and 80.  The 2001-03 State Budget removed Fund 80 from the revenue limit calculation.  The Fund 10 budget and tax levy are developed each year using a revenue limit calculation.  There is a link to the past several years' Revenue Limit Worksheets below. 

Fund 38 Non-Referendum Debt Service Levy

Fund 38 tax levies fall within the revenue limit.   The District has no Fund 38 Non-Referendum Debt. 

Fund 39 Referendum Debt Service Levy

Fund 39 tax levies are levied for the repayment of debt issues that were approved by referendum.  The District has $27,395,000 in outstanding General Obligation Debt (Principal only), as of June 30, 2022, including for the recently completed new high school construction project.  

The District makes two debt service payments per year towards each obligation, in March and September.

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